Construction of a new modern warehouse is under way

The Stanzwerk Wetter punching plant is going one step further in the direction of modernisation with the construction of a modern warehouse on the existing premises.

The new building replaces an old warehouse that was previously used as an interim storage facility.

The modern, new-build will be used as a warehouse again in the future, providing approx. 4,800 square meters of space, with a maximum storage height of 7.5 meters, and is therefore roughly the same size as the previous building.

The old structures were quickly demolished and removed at the start of the construction phase. The ground was levelled to pave the way for the new building.

The modern warehouse is heated with sustainable heat pump technology to eliminate the need for a gas connection. The efficient heating technology contributes to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

The dismantling of the existing buildings started in the summer of 2022, and the shell of the massive concrete elements, which were erected with a heavy-duty crane, was erected only a few months after the start of the construction work. Luckily we were not hampered by bad weather during the roof construction or the installation of the side walls, which allowed the builders to pour the concrete floor slabs immediately afterwards. The electrical installations and the completion of the sanitary and break areas are now in full swing, and the construction of the storage shelves will start very soon. The yard surface will be levelled at the end of the major construction project to install three loading ramps for trucks.

The construction project will soon be finished, and the goods in temporary storage will move to the new building scarcely a year after the start of the construction project.