More than a Thousand Different Functional Fittings Top-Quality

Experience, competence and an intensive dialogue within the industry make us a high-powered partner in the upholstered furniture and furniture industries, which we supply with creative fittings solutions. We hold trademarks and patents on the majority of these functions.

High-grade upholstered furniture, furniture for rest and relaxation, slatted frames and folding beds – just to name few– should remain comfortable and suitably functional for several years. Our customers and the end-users expect it. This is why we make every effort to supply the industry with high-grade and long-lived products.

Since decades we have lived out this quality-consciousness and therefore have at our disposal a practical quality management system conforming with the current requirements of DIN ISO 9001.

From the construction to the purchase of materials and fabrication to the perfect logistics, all processes at stawett are so tightly coordinated and interlocked with each other, that we meet high quality standards nationally and internationally.

At this time we have thousands of different articles, from simple folding bed fittings to complex, motorised adjustable recliner fittings with heart-balance positions in our product catalogue. Here especially, stawett has developed itself into the specialist for standing aids and is the market leader in Europe today.