Stanzwerk Wetter

Stanzwerk Wetter

Our company was founded as early as 1923 in Wetter an der Ruhr – a town located in the centre of Germany, and since then we have been developing and producing stamped parts and functional fittings for the furniture industry.

“stawett” Stanzwerk Wetter Sichelschmidt GmbH & Co. KG is now a successful and expanding medium-sized company in the 3rd generation. As a system partner and specialist for concept solutions in the upholstered furniture and furniture sector, we serve a growing number of international customers and are the leading industry specialist in Europe.

stawett has owned Stanzwerk Salzwedel GmbH & Co. KG in Saxony-Anhalt since 1991, and founded S.C. Stanzwerk Ineu S.R.L. in Romania in 2013. This expanded capacity enables us to meet future market requirements. We have over 300 well-qualified employees and modern machinery to respond to our customers’ requirements and provide a flexible and reliable service. We also use the manufacturing expertise of foreign cooperation partners to manufacture cost-efficient, large-scale fittings.

Innovative functional fittings for the global market

Stanzwerk Wetter – known internationally under the stawett brand – is a specialist manufacturer of innovative functional fittings, for example for TV chairs, folding beds, sleeping and relaxation furniture and more. We serve customers all over the world from the idea through design and production to prompt delivery.

As a system partner to the upholstered furniture and furniture sector, we are among the pioneers in the industry: as early as the 1950s, we developed and mass-produced the first backrest adjustment for upholstered armchairs.

Our experts have their finger on the pulse and monitor trends from the contemporary living environment to translate them into future-oriented and durable hardware technology in terms of design and production technology. In addition to large series production, we also manufacture specific customer requests in a practice-oriented, economical and reliable process. Request samples for your products and test the stawett quality!